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: Wednesday, Mar 28, 2007 :
TimeAttack March, Queensland Raceway

The first TimeAttack Shootout took place on March 28 as the AWD Shootout. There were GTRs and EVOs a plenty as the big guns came out to see who has the fastest AWD track car.

Note: The photos are not cropped or straightened at all, so if you order prints they will look a little different (better) to the version online.

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: Saturday, Feb 3, 2007 :
Bullets vs NZ Breakers, Chandler Sports Centre

The Bullets sealed up first place in the Philips NBL Championship on Saturday night with a big win against the NZ Breakers. On an 80's themed night at the Bullets' old home at Chandler, Mick Hill high scored as the Bullets went one game closer to equalling the league's all-time record of 16 consecutive wins.

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: Friday, Feb 2, 2007 :
TimeAttack February, Queensland Raceway

TimeAttack's first track day for 2007 was a much more comfortable day than last year's finale, with ambient temperatures up to 10 degrees cooler than Nov. Some fast times were recorded, but not without a few minor incidents as everyone struggled on cool tyres.

Note: The photos are not cropped or straightened at all, so if you order prints they will look a little different (better) to the version online.

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: Wednesday, Jan 24, 2007 :
Bullets vs South Dragons, Brisbane Convention Centre

Lucky number 13 came up for the Bullets, as they continued their winning streak with a hard-earned win over the South Dragons. Shane Heal was a steady threat throughout the game, reliably sinking many shots from long range, but the former Bullet was almost fouled out of the game, with one foul coming after a shoulder charge on Mick Hill. Dusty Rychart led the way with 26 points and 8 rebounds to notch up a 117-101 victory.

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: Saturday, Jan 20, 2007 :
Bullets vs Wollongong Hawks, Brisbane Convention Centre

In Blackout II, Brisbane extended their winning streak to 12 games with a very convincing 121-86 win over the Wollongong Hawks. Sam Mackinnon lead in both offense and defense, with 30 points and 14 rebounds.

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: Saturday, Jan 6, 2007 :
Bullets vs Singapore Slingers, Brisbane Convention Centre

Brisbane continued their winning streak, defeating the Singapore Slingers 131-116.

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: Sunday, Dec 3, 2006 :
Karting, Archerfield Speedkarts

Nathan from probikepics.com went karting at Archerfield Speedkarts with a few mates and I went along for a few photos.

Unfortunately the session started at 6pm and the light was failing fast so the photos aren't too great. I'd definitely be keen to do it again some time if anyone is looking for photos at their next karting event.

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: Friday, Dec 1, 2006 :
Design update

I've never been totally happy with the design here, so I've put a little work into updating it, tidying things up a bit, and (hopefully) making the site a little easier to navigate.

Let me know if you notice any issues with it.


: Thursday, Nov 30, 2006 :
A break from track work

I'm upgrading some of my camera gear and will be between lenses for the next few weeks. So no track work until I get the new lens. The Bullets photos will continue as normal however, so keep checking back for updates.

: Tuesday, Nov 28, 2006 :
TimeAttack November, Queensland Raceway

November's track day was one of the hottest on record, with ambient temperatures nearing 40C. Several cars finished the day a little worse for wear due to the heat. Over 200 cans of soft drink were brought in and quickly drained as drivers, spectators, and photographers alike sought out relief.

UPDATE: The photos are now online. They are not cropped or straightened at all, so if you order prints the print will look a little different (better) to the version online.

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: Monday, Nov 27, 2006 :
Bullets vs Singapore Slingers, Brisbane Convention Centre

The Bullets put on a scoring display against Singapore, with Ebi Ere and Brad Williamson leading the way. Williamson fired in 7 consecutive 3-point shots in the final quarter on his way to 30 points for the game, showing up Ere's 36 points.

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: Friday, Nov 24, 2006 :
Bullets vs Cairns Taipans, Brisbane Convention Centre

After losing in overtime a few days ago, the Bullets got payback tonight against the Cairns Taipans.

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: Wednesday, Nov 8, 2006 :
MX5 Club Half Track Day, Queensland Raceway

The MX5 Club held a half track day at Queensland Raceway. The weather held off for the most part, despite looking very threatening at times.

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